Master Thesis in Power Electronics: Thermal Modeling and Packaging of a 300 kW Fast Charger Station

Thermal design of a compact 300 kW fast charger station considering packaging, installation and standard regulations


In the context of an ongoing research and development project regarding compact and efficient fast charger stations, two master theses are available (intended start date is Dec. 2017 or earlier). The project is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency, Elbind Elektronik AB and other partners. One thesis is about digital implementation of the converter and the second thesis (this announcement) is about thermal modeling, packaging and installations.

The master thesis Tasks

The general trend in power electronic systems is towards a higher frequency operation. However, increasing the switching frequency leading to increased semiconductor and magnetic losses. Using SiC high-power modules and nanocrystalline magnetic materials provide the possibility to increase the switching frequency while increasing the efficiency. A 50 kW charger is designed and constructed in Chalmers to demonstrate the concept. The idea is to continue that work for a power level of 300 kW. The tasks for this master thesis are:

  1. Performing the loss calculations in steady state operation
  2. Performing the thermal analysis for the steady state operation
  3. Designing the thermal system considering packaging, installation and standard regulations
  4. Documentation and reporting

Application Procedure

A background of power electronics is highly recommended. The task will be performed in tight collaboration with other groups. Some parts of the thesis will be performed in a tight collaboration with Energy Technology Department in Aalborg University. Please send your CV, transcripts and a cover letter to

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